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Many of our patients are so thrilled with their results they have opted to share their experience with others. We hope you will find the below testimonials encouraging to remind you that there is hope! Please call our center today to schedule a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon or podiatrist and be on your way to recovery.

Reviews of the Foot and Ankle Surgery Center of Excellence

So glad I came to Dr. J!  I love wearing sandals, but this summer I had to hide my feet with closed toe shoes when going out in public to conceal my toe nail fungus.  It really was an embarrassing issue  to deal with.  I wish I would have gotten treatment before but I was afraid it was going to be too expensive.  I tried getting rid of the fungus with over the counter creams but it only was a temporary fix and things soon got worse.  Luckily, I came across a living social deal that helped me permanently get relief from toenail fungus at an affordable price at Dr. J’s office. Now I just hope the temperature gets warmer so I can wear sandals again.

– Angie F.

Dr. J is absolutely fantastic! He may be a podiatrist but takes into account the body as a whole when diagnosing problems. He’s extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and caring, I’ve been very lucky to have been treated by him and will continue to place myself under his care for any more problems.

– Dana T.

My mom had painful bunions that were interfering with her normal daily activities. I finally convinced her that she needed surgery so that she could do things like walk  and wear shoes without being in pain. I took her to Dr. Jam and he was so patient and gentle. The surgery went smoothly and after the first week or so, my mom was in significantly less pain than before. Dr. Jam did an amazing job and I can’t say enough good things about him.

– Nina R.

Dr. Jam, like everyone has said, has a really fantastic, funny, thorough, thoughtful, intelligent, and sweet personality. Instead of some doctors who look more at your chart, he actually really looked at my feet.

He shaved off several of the calluses. He also realized that my right leg was just a bit longer than my right, which was most likely the cause of all of my pain on the left side. So we put in a temporary pad in the heel of my right foot, and what did you know… no pain! So I came back after a week and we ordered some orthotics!! Now i can run without any pain!

I do need to go back to Dr. Jam to get surgery on my feet. Will keep you posted. Both appointments were quick but they made me feel like I got real service versus being rushed out. The front desk attendants are also very nice. It definitely helps the atmosphere.

-Brooke R.

I’ve never met someone who’s so passionate about his work. i’m a runner w/ bunions and I had so many issues w/ my feet. Dr. J explained addressed all of them and explained everything to me in a language I can actually understand.  its been about 4 weeks and I already feel the difference.

-Hill C.

Dr. Jamshidinia was recommended to my by a friend.  Even though it was a long drive to get to him it was worth it.  He took his time with me and explained everything thoroughly.  He gave me the option to have surgery for my bunions or wear orthotics to keep them from getting worse.  I chose the orthotics and I have to say, although my bunions are still there they are no longer as painful or bothersome.

-Mona C.

I went to several consultations and never really felt confident about any of them until I went to Dr. Jamshidinia.  He is definitely the best foot doctor ever!  Besides making me feel comfortable about having bunion surgery, he just really seemed like he cared about fixing the problem.  He took the time to explain all of my options and we decided to schedule the surgery a few weeks later.  It has been three weeks since my surgery and I won’t sugar coat bunion surgery because it is definitely painful but he did a great job and I highly recommend him to anyone.   He is absolutely a great doctor!  He makes himself available at any time if you need to call him about any problems after surgery.  The LaPeer Surgery Center is a GREAT place and that is where he did my surgery.  I felt so comfortable and all of the people that work there are all wonderful.

-Cindy P.

“I came to see Dr. Jamshidinia because of a large, painful bunion on my right foot. It was seriously hard to walk, and my foot no longer fit into my shoes. I had already tried medication and PT with no relief, and while I was considering surgery, I was scared about the pain involved. Luckily, my coworker recommended I see Dr. Jamshidinia at Tower Foot and Ankle. She had gone to Dr. Jamshidinia for laser toenail fungus removal and had a great experience.

During my consultation, Dr. Jam put me at ease right away. I had the surgery last month with great results – no more bunion! I couldn’t believe how easy the surgery was and how little pain I was in afterwards. Dr. Jam is truly an amazing podiatrist and I have never had such a positive experience with any other doctor before.

Additionally, the medication he recommended relieved my pain after the procedure, and I was up and walking soon. He even provided me with custom orthotics to wear in my shoes to prevent more bunions from developing in the future. I’d definitely recommend this doctor for others suffering from bunions.”

-Lifechild S.

“To find an MD like Dr. Jam these days is exceedingly rare. He’s thorough, thoughtful, patient, intelligent, humble, and did I mention, extremely thorough? He reminds me of what I imagine a good holistic doctor would be like; although he’s identified as a podiatrist, he takes the whole body into account when considering diagnoses and potential treatments. As I said, this felt so refreshing to me, as it is so rare in Western culture to find a medical professional that thinks holistically like this. Some people may be turned off by his thoroughness, but I appreciated it immensely – perhaps because I am in the health profession myself. He answered all of my questions, in detail, and explained everything to me clearly and considerately. He didn’t recommend procedures that were unnecessary, but he informed me of them so that I knew that they were options. I really felt like I had a good understanding of all of the choices and what their implications were with Dr. Jam.

The foot problems that I go to Dr. Jam for are relatively minor, but I could see myself trusting him with a more significant problem, should I have one in the future.

For those interested, I currently have Blue Cross (a PPO), which he takes.

The ONE downside is that sometimes you are kept waiting for a long time before your appointment. However, I attribute this to his thoroughness, and frankly, I would rather wait and receive sound medical advice than not wait and be ill-advised.”

-Vegan Blogger R.

“I had a pleasant experience. The staff was friendly, helpful, and seemed to, sincerely, care about my well-being. The surgical center was nice & clean. I’m glad I had my surgery at LaPeer Surgical Center.”

-Lisa P.
Los Angeles, CA


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